Wake-Up Call: Folgers Takes A Storytelling Pivot In New Ad Campaign


Folgers is shifting the coffee brand’s storytelling from a more heart-warming take to modern relatable mornings rooted in humor.

The creative, from Publicis Groupe’s PSOne, a bespoke agency for The J.M. Smucker Company, introduces the Folgers Harmonizers, a red satin-clad ensemble of seven men and women who randomly show up to vocalize awkward morning moments. 

One ad for instance features a women who accidentally encounters her naked father-in-law in the shower. Another shows a man uncomfortably sitting in the middle seat in a carpool.

The spots end with an updated version of the classic The Best Part of Wakin’ Up Folgers Coffee jingle.

Folgers collaboration with Publicis sought to reinvigorate a legacy brand that has grown stale in recent years.

“Very few of us can relate to images of someone sitting at the edge of a bed, stretching their arms as a rooster crows,” says Erica Roberts, Executive Creative Officer, PSOne. “Mornings today are nonstop, multi-tasking chaos. And in order to make this legacy brand relevant again, we needed to tap into that truth.”

The two sides decided to flesh out “perfect morning moments” by pushing to the edge of plausibility.

“In order to reinvigorate the brand, we needed to do more than just modernize an existing asset like the famous jingle — we had to create a new, more relevant one,” explains Andy Bird, Chief Creative Officer, PSOne. He adds that the singing ensemble in the ads serves as a new “brand icon capable of narrating the most unexpected morning.”

The campaign features broadcast commercials, online video, digital banners, social and digital radio.

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