New Tool Lets B2B Brands Use Data To Fuel Retargeting In Social Media


6sense has unveiled a service that it says allows B2B marketers to leverage data and personas to create audiences in any channel, including social media.

The firm’s new Account Based Retargeting product is designed to help firms create dynamic audiences in platforms like Google Ads and Display & Video 360, using account firmographics, segment insights, behavioral data predicted buying stage and other data from 6sense.

6sense has used the feature to drive its own retargeting, “increasing bids for ideal customers, adjusting calls to action and messaging based on 6sense buying stages, and eliminating spend on accounts that don’t meet our ideal customer profile,” states Susan Peterson VP of digital marketing at 6sense.

One client, Sage Intact, uses the technology to “drive a consistent and personalized experience for prospects on all our channels, including our website and content experiences, digital advertising, email, and sales enablement,” states Aristomenis Capogeannis, Director of Growth Marketing and Analytics at Sage Intact. “

Capogeannis adds that, by “extending our ability to turn vanity metrics of sessions and pageviews in Google Analytics into more valuable account analytics and audiences we can analyze, and further powering relevant B2B account-based retargeting campaigns in Google Ad Manager.”

Click here to read the original article. This post first appeared on Media Post Dot Com.


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