TV And Digital Woes Have Advertisers Rediscovering Radio

The tide is turning. After combatting a stagnant ad market and losing dollars to newer, data-rich digital channels, the radio industry is getting revived interest and increased activity from advertisers. Some brands, including major national players, are reinvesting, while others are making their first buys. Read more.

The Relationship Between AM & FM Listeners with the Radio Personalities is Personal

The reasons why listeners tune in may vary but at its core, people turn to AM/FM radio because it resonates emotionally. One of the major factors? Personalities. Familiar DJs behind the microphone give listeners an actual person to connect with regardless of why they listen. Read More.

Each Week, More Americans Tune to AM/FM Radio Than Any Other Platform

Even in the age of sophisticated cable TV and video on demand, it is old school AM/FM radio which rules the nation’s media world according to Nielsen, which has revealed the audience numbers. With 243 million monthly listeners, radio bests the competition across the board. Read More.