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Screenvision’s CEO on why advertisers should take a look at in-theater advertising

Moviegoers are likely to be less distracted than at-home viewers and about half of ticket buyers are 25 years old or younger, making them a prime target for advertising, according to John Partilla, CEO of Screenvision.

“The audience is a uniquely engaged audience,” Partilla told Ad Age on the sidelines of the ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando this month.

Clearly, as the CEO of a company that runs ads on roughly 15,000 screens at more than 2,500 theaters, Partilla is eager to see more marketers add in-theater ads to their media plans.

At-home viewers can skip commercials and might be more distracted by a second screen than people settling into their seats for a feature flick.

“In that giant theater with that 40-foot canvas, you’re really engaged and immersed,” said Partilla.

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This article was originally published at AdAge.


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