3 industry leaders on how a recession might affect business and other financial decisions


Clorox Co. Chief Marketing Officer Stacey Grier can’t predict whether a recession is coming but she knows a presidential election is afoot, and that has her getting ready for a change in tone for advertising.

“From a creative standpoint, we’re going to have to be particularly sensitive to emotion,” Grier told Ad Age on the sidelines of the ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando this month. “It is a raw, emotional time for people. And as we lean more into emotion as advertisers, we have to take more responsibility to do that carefully. I think we’re going to want to look at what unites people, the very basic human emotions that bring people together, at a time when people might be pulled apart.”

Grier noted off camera that the election also will reshape the media market. Even if most TV media around the race gets bought in spot markets targeting battleground states, she expects the growing focus by candidates on digital and social media will drive up costs there, which will force Clorox brands to adapt.

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This article was originally published at AdAge.


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