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This website is dedicated to improving the relevance and profitability of Radio advertising for the advertiser, the salesperson and the Radio company, in that order.

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  • I Don’t Need to Advertise
    In Radio advertising sales, you will inevitably encounter a prospect who says they don’t need to advertise because they have all the business they can handle. For most salespeople this can be especially frustrating because your whole premise for the sales call is to help the business owner grow the business! Sometimes I think there […]
  • The First Radio Commercial
    The first Radio commercial was broadcast on August 28, 1922. The station was WEAF AM in New York City. It was owned by AT&T. The commercial was for a real estate development called Hawthorne Court Apartments in Jackson Heights, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens. The apartment complex was owned by the Queensboro Corporation. The […]
  • The Future of Search Begins with a Radio Commercial
    The goal successful advertising is to be known before you are needed. The biggest mistake in advertising is waiting to be found. In other words, there are two kinds of advertising, active or passive. Active advertising, like Radio advertising, builds Top of Mind Awareness. In marketing, top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) refers to a brand or specific […]
  • TV Uses Radio Advertising to Drive Viewership
    Three networks are among the top 10 national advertisers on AM/FM for the week of Sept. 24-30: Disney’s ABC is No. 4, Fox is No. 5 and CBS is No. 8. With hundreds of new and returning TV series launching in September and October for the fall season, television is turning to radio to promote […]
  • Four Keys to Improved Agency Relations
    Working with advertising agencies doesn’t need to be adversarial. You are in charge and you can change your situation by changing what goes into your brain. Here are Four Keys to Improving Agency Relationships. Don’t Assume the Agency Knows How to Buy Radio. How effective would your local salespeople be if you just sent them […]

The most important links you should have are those to the Radio Advertising Bureau.

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Radio Ink Magazine is a radio-industry trade publication that is published 14X a year for the radio management sector of the radio broadcasting industry. Its mission is to provide relevant management information, tips, and ideas for those operating radio stations.

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  • James Joins Adams June 26, 2019
    Nathan James has joined Adams Radio of Delmarva as Director of Marketing Partnerships and Promotions. He'll be responsible for all marketing and promotions for all 5 Adams brands in Salisbury – Ocean City.
  • Tracey Johnson Launches Aircheck Service June 26, 2019
    The new product is called Air Check Coaching service. It offers individual, customized critique and feedback in one-hour air check sessions with Johnson's talent coaches Andy Meadows and Mike Shepard. The cost is $499 per session.
  • What Makes A Great Air Talent June 26, 2019
    Entercom Chief Programming Officer Pat Paxton is on the cover of Radio Ink that comes out this week. Sporting an extremely impressive programming resume, Paxton oversees the Entercom team responsible for all content distributed on every Entercom radio station, as well as all digital and social media listener engagement strategies. Here's an excerpt from our […]
  • The Upcoming Any-Channel FM Translator Rules June 26, 2019
    (By John Garziglia) The portion of the FCC’s new FM translator rules which allows an existing FM translator, upon a showing of interference, to apply to modify its facility to any channel in the same band, will be effective on August 13. Here's what you should know.
  • The Majority Of Smart Speaker Use: Music June 26, 2019
    And that's good news for radio. The 2019 Smart Audio Report from Edison Research and NPR revealed that the number one request smart speaker owners make to their devices is to play music.

Pierre Bouvard is Chief Insights Officer at CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One. Pierre and his team are doing some of the most consequential research on the performance of Radio advertising.

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  • From Household to Hygiene Products, Private Label Is Upending Omnichannel Landscape
    From Amazon’s new skin care line to Chewy.com’s new private-label pet food, retailer branded products are no longer a niche online. CPG private label accounts for 3% of online dollar sales, up from 1.3% two years ago, and some categories—particularly household care and baby products—are caught in the crosshairs.
  • From Great Panels Come Great Insights
    At Nielsen, we believe that our panels make our company stand out. We devote a great deal of time and resources to ensuring that our panels produce high-quality data. By combining big data with smaller data sets from carefully chosen and measured households, we believe that we provide a higher quality of insights than anyone […]
  • How Marketing Analytics Drives Decision Making in Health Care
    Health care organizations of all types are at the forefront of this new era. Big data is creating enormous opportunities not only to improve patient outcomes and manage costs, but also advance marketing efforts. Organizations that can combine data, analytics and strategy will be able to implement processes that change the way they operate, for […]
  • Monetizing the Munchies: How Legal Marijuana Use is Affecting the U.S. Snacking Industry
    America is a nation of snackers, and sales are up across the country year-over-year. But could the “munchies” driven by legal marijuana use increase sales further?
  • The Database: What’s on Tap for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry?
    Americans aren’t drinking the way they were just a few years ago. An abundance of choice and the influence of health and wellness trends are re-shaping behaviors and preferences. There are ways, however, to break through. That’s because today’s consumers are seeking experiences—both in their glasses and at their watering holes of choice.